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This product is receiving more media exposure compared to other products. It is being marketed as herbal female enhancement product that is especially designed for women to increase their sensitivity. It comes in capsule form and is intended to be taken as a supplement. It has also undergone a series of clinical investigations in UCLA. The product website claims that Xzite can provide immediate results. However, prior to believing these claims, it would be best to carefully analyze the product first.

For both men and women, looking for products that can help them in their sexual dysfunctions is a sensitive matter. However, despite this, it is necessary to be informed about the contents of the product to determine whether the product is safe to use or not. Keep in mind that not all of these sexual enhancement products are the same. Some may not work at all while some may contain chemicals that can be harmful to the body and may pose a threat to the overall health.

Overview of Ingredients

Sad to say, the list of ingredients of Xzite is not found on its dedicated product website. It is known that Xzite contains Chinese Plant bark and “Flowers and Roots”, however, these ingredients are not specific which makes it difficult to assess.

Analysis of Ingredients

Xzite is being advertised as an “all natural” formula, which is considered to be an advantage because this description is an important factor when looking for sexual enhancement products. However, topical formulas are much preferred, especially those that do not contain harmful ingredients such as Paraben, which is a known carcinogenic.

Just because it is advertised as all natural doesn’t mean that it is already safe to use. Keep in mind that not all products are the same. Thus, it is very important to check on the ingredients that make up the product to determine whether it is safe to use or not.

Products that are of superior quality usually include ingredients such as beeswax, sweet almond oil, and lecithin. Products that contain these ingredients are safe and effective and have long term benefits as well.


For women, it is necessary to look for a product that will address their sexual needs, especially if they are noticing some changes in their body particularly in the sexual aspect. Often times, a topical formula that comes in gel or cream forms are preferred since it is already proven to be effective and can provide immediate results. Aside from that, using a superior quality topical formula has less known side effects compared to pills and capsule based products which can cause more side effects rather than benefits.


* Price is only $40 per bottle
* Claims to be a herbal formula
* Can be ordered online
* Website contains user testimonials


* Doesn’t offer free shipping
* Doesn’t contain sweet almond oil
* Doesn’t have complete list of ingredients
* No sweet almond oil in the ingredients

Final Words

Prior to purchasing such products, it would be necessary for people to be completely informed about the product before buying it. Although Xzite is receiving a lot of media attention, it may be ineffective because we do not know whether there are ingredients that are included in this product which can be beneficial for women.

Safe and effective ingredients that you have to look for in a product would be lecithin, sweet almond oil, and beeswax. These ingredients are proven to be effective without any side effects. Never buy products that are risky because it might just pose a threat to your health. Be aware of the ingredients of the product that you are going to purchase.

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