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According to the manufacturer of Viviva Like a Virgin, this product is a female enhancement product that intends to provide vaginal lubrication while also increasing female arousal. Aside from that, it is also being marketed as an orgasmic enhancing product. Prior to judging the product, it would be best to assess it further and determine its ingredients.

People who are looking for a safe and effective sexual enhancement product should be knowledgeable about these kinds of products. These individuals should be informed about the ingredients of the product that they are going to buy to ensure that it is safe for use. It is important to know these things because sexual enhancement products have its effects on the overall function of the body and if it contains substances that are harmful such as parabens, it might pose a threat to one’s health.

Overview of Ingredients

Although this product is being backed up by a website, it was still unable to provide necessary information such as the list of ingredients for the formula of this product. Although this is a topical application product, it is still necessary to have the ingredients listed so that potential buyers will be able to determine whether this product is reliable or not. There could be a lot of side effects as well as allergic reactions that can occur if you are not aware of the ingredients of the cream that you are using.

Analysis of Ingredients

The manufacturer of this product claims that this product is 100% safe; however, there are no clinical data to back up such claims. In addition, this product is not even listed as being an all natural product. An all natural product is more preferred since it contains natural ingredients rather than chemical ingredients which can cause side effects and pose threat to the individual’s overall health.

The only information that this product mentioned is that it is water soluble. Aside from that fact, there is no information about the components of this product which makes it difficult to analyze. If you are looking for superior quality products, it should contain ingredients such as sweet almond oil, lecithin, and beeswax. These ingredients are proven to be effective but don’t have side effects unlike chemical ingredients.

Although Viviva Like a Virgin is a topical application sexual enhancement product, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe to use. There are also a lot of topical formulas that are not safe to use because they contain the toxic chemical which is paraben. Thus, checking out the contents of the product is essential before buying it.


High quality products would always have their own product website wherein the list of ingredients is shown, as well as other pertinent data about the product. However, this product doesn’t seem to have a special product website. The website that sells this item does provide some information but it is not enough to prove that this is an effective female sexual enhancement product.

In addition, Viviva Like a Virgin also does not have enough user testimonials to prove its effectiveness. Top quality products also offer free shipping, but the seller of this product failed to provide such offer.


* Topical formula
* Cheap price at $6
* Can be ordered online


* Doesn’t have sweet almond oil in its ingredients
* Do not offer free shipping
* Ingredients are not disclosed
* Have few clinical data to back up claims

Final Words

Sexual enhancement products can be a very sensitive matter for many individuals; however, it is still important to have some knowledge about these types of products so that you wouldn’t just buy and waste your money for a useless and harmful product. Viviva Like a Virgin is a doubtful product since it did not provide any information about its contents. Aside from that, there are also no customer reviews presented in the website that sells this product.

Instead, it would be best to choose products that contain safe and effective ingredients such as sweet almond oil and lecithin. Never purchase products that contain parabens since these chemicals are harmful and carcinogenic.

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