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Review of Tighten Up Shrink Crème

Also referred to as: Tighten Up Shrink Cream


Tighten Up Shrink Crème is marketed as a female sexual enhancement formula which is designed for increased intimacy and sensitivity. It is also advertised as a topical formula that helps in tightening and shrinking the vagina that helps to intensify intercourse. In this review a closer look is taken at Tighten Up Shrink Crème formula to evaluate the possible effects of its ingredients.

It is believed that women seeking effective and safe sexual enhancement aids must have all the information of the ingredients used in the products which they purchase. A lot of sexual enhancement products available in the markets usually try to make a quick sale instead of aiming at providing long-term benefits. In addition, a lot of female sexual aids include harmful ingredients like parabens that could cause certain cancers. Hence, people investing in products have a right to know the ingredients use din the products. Here is a closer look at Tighten Up Shrink Crème.

Ingredients at a Glance

Tighten Up Shrink Creme is a water-based formula and contains Triclosan SA, Benzocaine Ethyl p-Aminobenzoate U.S.P, Distilled Water and Perfecta Petrolium U.S.P.

Ingredients in Focus

Tighten Up Shrink Crème includes a lot of ingredients that is not familiar and also does not substantiate that this supplement is completely natural. Actually, very little is known of contents such as Triclosan SA and Perfecta Petrolium USP. It is essential for women to bear in mind that the clitoris area of the body where this cream is intended to be applied is highly absorptive and so the ingredients is very quick to be circulated through the body.

The women who seek effective and healthy sexual stimulation must look for products that are completely natural. This should be a very important characteristic of the product as the area where the cream is applied is a highly sensitive area of the body.

There are a few products that make incredible utilization of safe and completely natural ingredients such as Beeswax, Lecithin and Sweet Almond Oil to accomplish the identical proposed effects of Tighten Up Shrink Crème.

Sexual Lifestyle

A website particularly devoted to Tighten Up Shrink Crème was not able to be located as of this review. California Exotics, the manufacturer of Tighten Up Shrink Crème do not provide a comprehensive website for their product. Normally, in case of high quality products it is expected to have a competent and informative website. Sadly, Tighten Up Shrink Crème does not have a proper website at the time of this review.

Furthermore, there are no significant user testimonies for Tighten Up Shrink available at this time. It is found that user testimonials are an excellent way of finding the consumer’s opinion of the efficiency of the product. Additionally, a lot of good quality female sexual aids offer benefits such as free shipping.

The Good

* It is a topical formula
* It is reasonably priced at about $6
* It can be ordered online easily

The Bad

* It does not contain Sweet Almond Oil
* The clinical information available at this time is minimal
* It contain some ingredients that are not familiar
* It does not offer free shipping.

Summing Up

It is believed that people investing in sexual aids must be very informed about the products they purchase. Tighten Up Shrink Crème seems to be a vague product that has ingredients that is likely to be harmful. When considering products that are meant for female sexual health people should choose the one that is completely natural, safe and backed by considerable consumer trials. It is unfortunate that Tighten Up Shrink Creme seems to lack in all the aspects.

Products that have ingredients such as Lecithin and Sweet Almond Oil are understood to be efficient and safe sexual enhancers and work well with no possible side effects. Such products appear to be better alternatives when compared to prescription medications or products that are ineffective such as Tighten Up Shrink Crème. But, people should consider positive consumer trials since it is not possible for all products to be effective for everyone. Additionally, it is essential for people to stay away from scam-based products which levy hidden charges for shipping. This is another sign of an unreliable product.

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