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Thanda Passion Female Sexual Enhancer


The manufacturers of Thanda Passion, a dietary supplement say that it awakens and enhances female sexual pleasure. The manufacturer of this supplement is a company known as Native Remedies. This product claims to contain basic ingredients. The makers of this product also state that this supplement increases and promotes orgasmic strength.

There are a lot of sexual aids for women available in the markets. A few sexual aids are better disposed to address the requirements and distress of women in a better manner when compared to others. In this review we take a closer look at this supplement and its ingredients to find out if Thanda Passion is possibly a feasible sexual aid for women.

Ingredients at a Glance

The ingredients of Thanda Passion are Gentiana Lutea Radix Powder (supposed to boost the functions of all organs), Sarsaparilla (supposed to restore sexual energy), Turnaria Aphrodisiaca (said to be an aphrodisiac and a stimulant), NN Diemethylglycine (supposed to be benefit female health) and NN Diemethylglycine (supposed to boost energy levels).

Ingredients in Focus

On the whole Thanda Passion includes simple and regular ingredients. A few of the plant extracts and herbs used in this supplement can also be found in other supplements available in the markets. However, considering the list of ingredients used, this product could work better as an aphrodisiac for women. The makers claim that this supplement is made up of many ingredients that are supposed to be libido boosters which could increase sexual intimacy.

But, it is not certain if this supplement is effective to address the other sexual concerns of women. Women seeking to enhance their pleasure during intimacy may prefer to use a product that provides a more direct approach. Some of the creams available in the markets could be directly applied to the clitoral region so as to maximize sensitivity as well as pleasure.

In case of women who are interested in using such a product should try to find a cream containing completely natural ingredients so as to avoid possible allergic reactions or infections. It is also recommended to find a cream containing Menthol as it is supposed to boost the transdermal delivery system and could produce more instantaneous results.


The price of Thanda Passion is about $44 a bottle. Each bottle is available with a 15 days to 30 days supply, based on the dosage frequency. But, as this product is supposed to work best when it is ingested on a regular basis, it seems that one bottle of Thanda Passion contains only a 15 day supply. This supplement works out to be quite expensive on a per month basis.

Additionally, it appears that Thanda Passion does not come with a money-back guarantee offer. This usually indicates the trust the company has in the capacity of their product to provide the results and benefits that were promised. A lot of people would not like to but a product unless it is available with a money-back guarantee.


* It has basic ingredients
* There are a few testimonials that presently posted
* This supplement could be obtained at reduced prices


* It is not available in the form of cream
* Can merely provide limited sexual benefits
* Rather costly
* It does not come with a money-back guarantee
* There is no product website available at present.

Summing Up

A few women might realize that this dietary supplement is particularly designed for their bodies and to deal with their sexual needs. The ingredients used in Thanda Passion could enhance sexual intimacy; however it seems that the overall benefits offered by this product might be limited. A few women might choose a product that can increase their pleasure directly, such as the option of a cream as a sexual aid could appear to be more attractive.

Several other sexual aids are available in the markets these days that people can research in case they are not attracted to Thanda Passion. Women who find creams to be a better option could favor finding a product which has its own website and has testimonials from women who have already used the particular product. Also, it is likely to find a product that comes with an offer for free shipping.

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