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MicroNutra Health is the company that manufactures Sensuvive. According to the company, this is a female enhancement product that helps in boosting the female libido. Aside from that, they also claim that this product have three benefits which includes increasing blood flow, stimulation of sexual signals in the brain, and promoting balance of hormones.

In the business industry, advertisement is the widely used marketing strategy. However, consumers should not easily believe what the manufacturer advertises because it is their strategy to lure customers in buying their products. Thus, it is important to carefully analyze the product first before purchasing it.

Overview of Ingredients

The ingredients of Sensuvive include Red Raspberry Leaf, which is said to have smooth muscle tissue stimulation properties, Sage Leaf which is said to improve mental focus and has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries, Bayberry Bark which works on the female reproductive system and improvement of blood circulation, Damiana Leaf, which is described as a natural aphrodisiac, Cayenne Pepper that works by producing endorphins and increasing sexual response, Licorice Root that promotes the production of sexual hormones, Ginger Root which is also known as an aphrodisiac, and Valerian Root that is a common ingredient for sleeping aids.

Analysis of Ingredients

Apparently, the last ingredient, Valerian Root, is a little questionable because of the fact that it is a common ingredient for sleeping aids. This means that this ingredient contains sedative-like properties. Thus, instead of increasing one’s energy, this can do the reverse effect.

However, the good about this product is that it contains ingredients that has antioxidant properties and can boost the energy. In addition, the ingredients that are known to be aphrodisiacs can also help in increasing the woman’s libido but there are no ingredients that can enhance the woman’s orgasm.

Other Choices

In general, not all women require products that will increase their sexual drive because what they are looking for is a product that can enhance their overall sexual experience as well as increasing the intensity of their orgasms. The manufacturers of this product stated that their product can do such thing, yet no ingredient is listed to provide those effects.

In addition, it is not recommended to use capsule based products when it comes to female sexual enhancement products. Capsule based products tend to work for issues involving the entire body whereas sexual enhancement products only deal with issues that are more specific rather than general. This is why most effective female sexual enhancement products come in topical formula. These products are all natural and do not contain toxic chemicals such as Paraben.


* Formula offers aphrodisiacs
* Has the basic ingredients


* No free shipping deals
* No research available
* Quite expensive
* No customer testimonials
* Not a topical formula

Final Thoughts

Women who prefer to increase their sexual drive can try this product since it contains ingredients that have these properties. This product can be purchased online and costs about $57 for an entire month’s supply.

However, for women who have other sexual needs, this may not be a suitable product. There are a lot of other products that are available in the market that can meet a female’s sexual needs with an assurance of effectiveness and safety.

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