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K-Y® Jelly Personal Lube Review

Common misspellings are: KY Jellie, KY Gelee, KY Gelly, and KY Jellee


KY Jelly, a personal lubricant manufactured K-Y® is promoted as being water based, non-greasy and fragrance formula. The Jelly is said to be a basic lubricant. In fact, the manufacturers of this product have other similar kind of lubricants with supposed special functions. Even as the markets these days are flooded with several similar products and therefore resulted in doubt and confusion, it is believed that few of the topical creams could be effective.

Since a long time, the sexual needs of women have been sidelined in preference to the sexual development of men. With reference to a lot of recent research and studies, it appears that a lot of women do not experience orgasm during sex. Consequently, this review takes a look at K-Y® Jelly and other similar topical applications generally to reckon if they actually might assist in providing the extra and much warranted pleasurable sex.

Ingredients at a Glance

The ingredients used in K-Y® Jelly are Water (Purified), Hydroxyethylcellulose, Glycerin, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Sodium Hydroxide, Methylparaben and Gluconolactone. Even though most of the ingredients used in the product appear to be quite safe and risk-free, one should be cautious in using a product that contains Parabens in any form. In addition, it is believed that this product might not have a verified blend of moisturizers and emollients.

Ingredients in Focus

The theory which states that a boost to the blood flow in the female genitalia increases sexual pleasure could be a little far stretched. It is believed that a good sexual aid increases the sensitivity of the nerve-endings as well as lubricates the genitalia. Though some of the ingredients used in the product appear to be okay, the fact that it also contains Methylparaben might be rather disturbing.

Parabens, a group of chemicals is widely in use as a preservative in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It is likely to be found in a lot of shaving gels, commercial moisturizers and shampoos. Previously, it was considered that Parabens were most likely to be safe. But, recent studies have disputed this analysis. Several studies propose that Parabens has shown estrogenic activity in numerous tests. It means that these disruptors hinder with the Endocrine System of the body right from the hypothalamus, ovaries, and thyroid to practically all body systems.


It is to be noted again that the brand name K-Y® is in use for a lot of intimacy products and several lubricants. At the time of this review there exists a few flash-based websites that have exclusive domains and market K-Y® products. To view these sites, you require the latest version of macromedia flash player as well as high-speed internet connection. Additionally, there are no testimonials or reviews in the websites at the time oft his review. But, the most concerning aspect in this is that none of the so claimed official websites have a list of ingredients for any of their marketed products. At the time of this review, just a few retail stores mention the complete list of ingredients.

The Good

* The entire list of ingredients used is available
* It is a basic lubricant and is water soluble

The Bad

* It does not come with a money-back guarantee
* Might not actually increase female sexual satisfaction as much
* There are no testimonials available online
* It contains Methylparaben that is a possible hormone disruptor
Manufacturer of this product also make almost 10 other lubricants

Summing Up

It is believed that to be really effective a product should not only have outstanding customer service and absolute online presence but should also be supported by genuine results and user testimonials. Additionally, dependable and successful manufacturers of products might also provide free shipping. It is understood that the best products will surely be Paraben-free and pH-balanced. Considering all this, it appears that K-Y® Jelly is not such an attractive option.

Hence, the one thing we must be regarded is the extent people are willing to go to achieve keeping it safe as well as benefit from enhancement of sexual stimulation. A lot of products available in the markets today provide instant warming or tingling sensations. But, the best products possibly also take into account the established track record of the ingredients used as well as the long-term results. Therefore, a wise decision might be to research the list of ingredients used and evaluate the effects of natural compounds versus synthetic chemicals. The continuing health of the genitalia as well as the bodily functions in general is considered to be more significant.

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