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Clitoris Stimulation Gel manufactured by JO Systems is a sexual enhancement product. It claims to be a hormone-free and pH balanced solution that is created to encourage sexual sensitivity in women. This gel when massaged on the clitoris appears to cause a warm, tingling sensation and this could last about 45 minutes. The company advises not to allow the product to come into contact with the labia or vagina. They also state that this gel could also be utilized to stimulate the penis, having sex soon after could result in vaginal discomfort.

It is a little confusing with regards to the actual objective of this product in case having sex afterwards is not on the agenda. It is assumed that by description a quality sexual enhancement product must be attuned with the act of sex. Also, it is felt that women need not worry about accidentally spreading this gel onto the labia or vagina. As these genital areas are very closely located, it seems to be very difficult to carefully confine the application of this product to one particular location. In case many women, anxiety and stress can usually lead to sexual dysfunction and it is believed that an enhancement product must not further their worries. This review takes a closer look at the product considering its apparently odd restrictions.

Ingredients: Overview

This product might contain the ingredients as follows: Polydimethylsiloxane, Octamethylcuclotetrosiloxane, Decamethylcuclopentasiloxane, Hydroxy-terminated Menthol and Dimethylsiloxane.

Ingredients: In-depth

It would heave been better if the formulation contained more natural extracts. It seems that most of the ingredients used belong to the Siloxane group of organosilicon compounds that are seemingly utilized as windshield coating. As per some reports, Siloaxanes are utilized as food additives for instance as those used in a few fast food products of McDonald. It is difficult to believe that the mentioned applications to have anything common with regards to female sexual arousal. A lot of organically derived formulations make use of natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut, Beeswax, Sweet Almond and Peppermint.

The use of these natural components helps in the stimulation of genital sensitivity by regenerating the nerve endings in the clitoris. Also, it is a matter of concern that the manufacturer of this product do not mention that their product is paraben-free. Parabens are usually used in health care products and cosmetics and are considered to be carcinogenic with long-term usage. A lot of perspective users might want to stay away from such likely harmful effects.

Necessary Lifestyle Changes

It is particularly disappointing to note that this product comes with a lot of restrictions, conditions and caveats. The most astonishing restriction is that having sex afterwards could be uncomfortable. It is understood that women seeking sexual enhancement products intend to re-establish intimacy and passion of sex with their partner. It is not understood what the objective is of a sex product if it is not intended to end in sexual intimacy.

Although masturbation and stimulation of the clitoris could no doubt be pleasurable, it is felt that women should not be restricted in having intercourse with their partner. Moreover, it is not good that the product comes with an added worry of applying the product in the wrong area. It is believed that in the course of sex, a woman must be able to relax and get pleasure from the act. It is opined that a good sexual enhancement product should not place a restriction on sexual activity and it includes oral sex.

The Good

* The product claims to work in 45 minutes
* It is pH balanced
* It claims to be hormone-free

The Bad

* It does not mention that it is Paraben-free
* It advises the users not to have sex afterwards
* It appears to lack natural ingredients
* It advises the users not to apply the product on the vagina and labia

The Bottom Line

It is believed that although the product has some benefits, its possible restrictions to relaxation and intimacy might be worrisome. Women seek to stay away from worries during the course of sex.

Women prefer to use products that contain natural ingredients and are safe for unhindered sexual intimacy. It is also advised that users ensure that the sexual enhancement products they use are Parabens-free.

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