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Adam & Eve Make Me Cum Clit Sensitizer Review


Make Me Cum manufactured by Adam & Eve claims to be a clit sensitizer and can be applied directly as it is a topical cream. But, it is believed that it does not contain the right mixture of proven ingredients. At the time of this review the manufacturer, Adam & Eve or any other retailers offer a list of ingredients contained in the product. With no proper list of ingredients contained in the product it is not possible to establish that it is not toxic, safe and effective.

Owing to a lot of stress causing factors, women might not enjoy sex much. For a lot of women, the inability to obtain sexual pleasure could be a major reason of lack of intimacy with their partners. Consequently, in this review we review the product Make Me Cum and determine if it actually as effective a product and has the claimed benefits or if there are other products that are better than this available in the market.

Ingredients: Overview

Make Me Cum might not actually contain ingredients that particularly encourage female sexual pleasure and health. It is believed that the best way in choosing a topical cream is to find out the ingredients used in it. It is found that the best products are non-toxic, pH-balanced as well as have proven emollients which are effective in increasing desire, sensitivity and arousal. Considering all these aspects it is found that Make Me Cum by Adam & Eve might not be on par.

Ingredients: In-depth

People who are interested in topical products must note that the best products often have an official website. Also, such companies have an efficient and effective customer service. Some of the best products might even have initiative programs such as 30 day money back guarantee or free shipping offer. Hence when reviewing a product, it is believed that the two aspects that should be closed looked at is the manufacturer and the list of ingredients.

More on Parabens

In evaluating the ingredients, it is felt that it is essential to ascertain that the formulation is not toxic. A lot of products contain Parabens, group of chemicals used widely as preservatives in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It is also found in a lot of commercial moisturizers, shaving gels and shampoos.

Previously it was considered that the use of Parabens was likely to be safe as they have a low toxicity profile and a lengthy history of safe use. But as per recent studies, the previously held views about Parabens have been challenged. According to some studies, Parabens has displayed estrogenic activity in numerous tests. These disruptors hinder the Endocrine System of the body right from the Hypothalamus, Thyroid and Ovaries to almost the entire body system.

The Good

* It claims to be a clit sensitizing product
* It is a topical cream
* There are user reviews available

The Bad

* Might not have natural ingredients such as Lecithin or Sweet Almond Oil
* As of this review, it does come with a money-back guarantee
* As of this review, it does not have online testimonials
* Might not actually enhance female sexual satisfaction as much as claimed
* As of this review, it has no exclusive website.

The Bottom Line

On the whole, trying a topical product could be a good idea. Bit it is also to be mentioned that for a product to be considered really good it should have an official website, good customer service, user testimonials and genuine results. Additionally, as mentioned in the previous segments, dependable and successful companies disclose the list of ingredients contained in their product.

It is believed that the female sexual aid industry by now has a lot of options that are considerably better. Undoubtedly, the use of a safe and effective female sexual aid could provide remarkable improvement in a woman’s sexual life particularly, if it has become boring and monotonous. When considering the various female enhancement products that are available, the ones that are worth trying could be the products that come with perks such as money back guarantees. Also, the best products would be Paraben-free and most likely will offer free shipping.

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